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2013-04-14 - New Apps

New versions for Android, iOS and webOS. Look in the store after 3D Tet
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3D Tetris mobile phone version - midlet

The goal of the game

The goal of the game is to complete a layer with blocks without gap which will cause the layer to disappear. With ongoing time this will become more and more difficult as the speed with wich the blocks fall will increase. After you achieved to complete 5 layers, the game level and hence the speed gets raised by one but by the same time the scoring per completed layer gets raised too.The game ends when your building touches the ceiling so that no more blocks can fall in.


(to click)

scene rotate
game over


Basic condition for the installation is a mobile phone on that Java programs (Midlets) to be implemented and installed can. It rereads in the control guidance of your mobile telephone whether this condition is fulfilled.

The following address enters and confirms all installation inquiries in your mobile phone-wap-browser.

» http://mobile.3dtetris.com/

Note: For the connection of the wap-browser with the Internet costs of the data communication can result with the net-provider.

Manual installation

» http://mobile.3dtetris.com/tetrismidlet1.1.jar    ( 65 KB )

For a manual installation by USB cables or Bluetooth, you can here download the Jar file.


2011-08-27 13:54

Works perfectly on a Blackberry 9700.
Thank you!

2009-08-30 04:42

I've installed it on my blackberry 8320.

The graphics look cool, but there's a problem.

I can move the pieces left-right or front-back, but they won't rotate!

Is it a glitch of the software or am I doing something wrong?